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A beginners guide to hot tub care

Posted by Tom Smith

A beginners guide to hot tub care

Treated yourself to a brand new hot tub? Or thinking of splashing out and buying one so you can soak up the summer sun in your garden? Either way, we’re sure you’ll want to ensure that your tub is well maintained and looked after and you can do just that by reading this blog for beginners on how to care for your hot tub.

Following these easy steps will ensure that your hot tub is well maintained and that it’s always ready for use whenever you wish.

Test your water Daily at first

The chemistry of your water is important, this helps to ensure that your hot tub is always safe for you to use. The water chemistry can be tested easily using testing strips or a drop test. You will need to test the water for: bromine, chlorine, alkalinity, and PH. Your testing kit will include a guide on the optimum level of all of these chemicals. Using a high quality filter in your hot tub will help to remove debris and delivers a high level of cleaning power to keep your water pristine and crystal clear. Check out our step by step video guide above on water care for your hot tub. Read our blog on the risks of a pH imbalance.

Cleaning your hot tub

The surfaces of your hot tub should be cleaned regularly. You should avoid using regular household cleaning products, as this will damage your hot tub. Instead, you’ll need to invest in some high quality spa cleaning sprays. In between doing a complete refill of your hot tub, you can just use a micro fibre cloth to wipe the top of the shell and the water line. Emptying your hot tub might sound like a time consuming job, but it doesn’t need to be, especially not if you’re using a well designed electric pump. We would recommend emptying and refilling your hot tub at least 4 times a year, alongside regular cleaning of other areas of your tub.

Filter maintenance

No one wants to be trying to relax in a hot tub that isn’t clean, therefore a high quality filter is essential for your new hot tub. You will need to replace the filter in your hot tub every 6 months to ensure that your water remains clean and clear. We recommend purchasing a couple of filters, so that when you are cleaning one filter, the remaining filter can be in your tub. This means that you can alternate your filters. This helps keep your water clean and using both filters like this means that they will usually last a year. Although the filter doesn’t need to be replaced often, it does need to be cleaned weekly or fortnightly. It will need to be soaked in a filter cleaning solution, this is to eliminate any grease building up inside it. Ensure that you read the instructions that come with your hot tub before removing the filter.


A high quality hot tub cover is a really important piece of equipment, as they can really help to keep running costs down. The cover needs to be kept on at all times unless your tub is being used. This will keep the water in your tub at optimal temperature and will ensure that it’s ready to use anytime while also helping to keep the running costs down. When testing your water and adding chemicals to it, make sure you leave the cover open for about 15-20 minutes after the chemicals have been added to allow the gases to disperse. If you close the cover straight after adding chemicals, you may cause damage to the cover. You need to ensure that the cover is kept clean through the use of specific cleaning equipment, such as sprays and wipes.

Caring for your new hot tub might sound a bit daunting, but always remember that if you feel as if you’ve not done something right, you can always drain the tub and start again.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your hot tub needs, we hope you enjoy your new tub and if you haven’t ordered one yet then what are you waiting for?

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