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A guide to hot tub filters

Posted by Tom Smith

A guide to hot tub filters

Maybe you’ve got your new hot tub set up or maybe you’re just doing some research into filters, either way this blog will tell you everything you need to know about hot tub filters.

What do hot tub filters do?

Chances are you haven’t thought much about your hot tub filter but it is actually a very important part of the tub. You might be thinking that chemicals are the reason that your water is clear but the filter plays a huge role in this job too. Filters work by trapping dirt, dust and debris to reduce the chances of them entering your tub and hindering the cleanliness of the water.

Without a filter, you wouldn’t be able to safely use your hot tub and you probably wouldn’t want to! The filter works by moving the water around the tub to remove debris, after this the water is heated and then evenly distributed through the tub.

How do I clean my hot tub filter?

Cleaning a hot tub filter is not a difficult task and doesn’t require a lot of time either. Before you do anything, you should turn off your hot tub. Next you can gently remove the filter ready for cleaning. To clean the filter, you should use a steady flow of water that isn’t too powerful to avoid damaging the filter. Once you are satisfied, you should leave the filter out to dry before replacing it. When the filter is dry, it can be replaced and the tub can be turned back on.

It is recommended that you rinse your filter once a week. However, once a month you should complete the same steps while also leaving your hot tub filter overnight in a filter cleaning solution to remove any bacteria.

How often should I change my hot tub filter?

With regular rinsing and cleaning when necessary, a hot tub filter can last for a year. Some people choose to have multiple filters so that they don’t have to miss out on using their tub, even for 24 hours! It is recommended that after a year you purchase a new filter to maintain cleanliness of your hot tub water.

Of course if you notice any signs of damage or wearing to your filter then you should replace your filter sooner. It is also very important to purchase high quality filters that you know will be powerful enough for your hot tub’s system. You’ll be better off buying one high quality filter every year rather than purchasing multiple cheaper alternatives that aren’t as good.

How do I know which hot tub filter to buy?

There are many hot tub filters on the market and some companies will sign post them better than others. If you are unsure which filter is right for your tub, a good place to start would be to measure the filter and find out that way. If you need to purchase a new hot tub filter, we have a wide range available on our website.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you require any more information regarding hot tub filters.

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