Are hot tubs safe to use?

Posted by Ian Lawton

Are hot tubs safe to use

If you’re debating buying yourself a luxury hot tub, we’re sure you’ll be doing plenty of research to ensure that it sounds like a good idea for you and that you can get all of the features you want. Something else you may be wondering is whether hot tubs are safe to use. In this blog we’re going to put your mind to rest and show you that hot tubs are safe.

The first thing to remember is that caring and maintaining your hot tub is your responsibility. That means it’s up to you to complete regular cleaning, ensure the water chemicals are at the correct level and that filters are working to their full potential. While all of this might sound like hard work, it’s actually very simple. Caring for your hot tub couldn’t be easier and we’ve got everything you need in our chemical shop.

Let’s see how you can ensure your hot tub is safe to use

Take a shower

Before you or anyone else enters your hot tub, it may be a good idea to take a quick shower to wash off any germs that may be living on the surface of your skin. It may be a good idea to avoid using soaps otherwise you may cause extra bubbling in your hot tub or even adjust the balance of your water chemistry.

Also make sure that your bathing suit is clean so there is no increased risk of bacteria and germs. It is important to ensure you are clean before entering as the typical water temperature is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. That leads us on to water care which is very important in your at home hot tub.

Water care

One of the main ways to ensure that your hot tub is safe to use is through caring for your water. This includes regularly testing the hot tub water with testing strips to ensure your chemicals are at their optimum level. You may find that some chemicals are out of balance, don’t panic. Keeping your hot tub clean is easy.

First you need to establish which chemicals are out of balance, inside your hot tub there will be a range of chemicals including bromine, calcium and chlorine. Your testing strips will also check the pH level, alkalinity and total hardness of the water. If you find that any of these are out of balance, you can add increaser or decreaser specific to each chemical.

It is very important that as you add each chemical, you are testing between, as you don’t want to add too much or too little. Following these steps will help to ensure that your hot tub is safe to use.

If you leave your chemicals out of balance, you and others using your hot tub may experience skin irritation, in the form of itchy bumps or itchy skin. After using your tub, you should encourage bathing to reduce the risks of any chlorine or other chemicals being left sitting on the skin and causing irritation. Read our blog on the risks of a pH imbalance.

Water temperature

We know how tempting it can be to increase your hot tub temperature, especially when you’re having a soak in winter, but there can be health risks with this. The average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius therefore the ideal temperature for your hot tub is 38 degrees Celsius, most hot tubs are automatically set to this.

If you do set your hot tub to much higher temperatures than this, you may end up overheating or feeling faint. This can be dangerous so you should avoid this. Everyone entering your hot tub should avoid spending too much time in there without taking a break. This will help to reduce the potential side effects of feeling overly tired or experiencing too much heat, which is important even for healthy adults.

Physical hazards

Whenever you do anything, there’s a risk of physical hazards. When using a hot tub, these can be splashes of water on the floor that may cause you or someone else to slip. You may want to consider placing a towel on the floor for people to step on to. Other risks involve tripping over items such as the steps. You should make sure these are securely fitted in place and if you’re using your hot tub at night, ensure the area is well lit so people can see where they are going.

When people are using your hot tub, you should make sure they do not put their head under the water, this can be extremely dangerous due to water jets.

Are hot tubs safe to use in pregnancy?

In pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause a naturally higher temperature therefore pregnant women are advised to avoid hot tubs during this time.

Are hot tubs safe for children?

When children are in a hot tub, you need to take extra care and ensure that there is a responsible adult present at all times. Only children over the age of 5 should be in a hot tub. You should lower the temperature of the water to around 35 degrees Celsius and only allow them to stay in the tub for 10 minutes.

Hot tubs are definitely safe to use if they are maintained correctly and you are careful when using them. Ultimately, it is down to you as the hot tub owner to ensure that you keep yourself and other hot tub users safe. You can do so by ensuring your chemicals are at optimum levels and that the temperature is kept at a safe level for you and others to avoid overheating. Hot tub safety is very important and the best part is that you can still spend time relaxing in your hot tub while ensuring you and your guests stay safe.

There are also many hot tubs benefits, these can include reducing muscle aches, higher levels of relaxation and lowering blood pressure. If you suffer with low blood pressure, are vulnerable or have any medical conditions that may cause issues for you when using a hot tub, our advice would be to consult a doctor before using one. Make sure you drink plenty of water to reduce any potential health risks when using a hot tub.

If you need any further advice on the safety of your hot tub, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re more than happy to help.

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