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Bishta - Buy with confidence

“The Standards and training set by our Association are arguably the best in the world. So when you make your purchase, buy with confidence from a BISHTA member....”

Proud members of Bishta

Bishta is the official hot tub association in the UK and exists to promote high standards of safety, enjoyment and value. The Hot Tub Superstore has been a proud member of Bishta for 10 years. We consider Bishta membership a standard that every hot tub company should adhere too.

The following is the Bishta code of ethics direct from the Bishta website. This code of ethics is basically the rule book all Bishta members must comply with in order to gain and keep Bista membership.

  1. At no time, knowingly or wittingly to do any act that could reasonably be construed as bringing the Member Company into disrepute and consequently the Industry generally and the Association in particular.

  2. At all times to trade ethically both with the public generally and the Industry in particular.

  3. At all times to comply with the Association’s Standards for Self-Contained (Portable) Spas and for Hot Tubs, and to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

  4. At all times to comply with the procedures and instructions issued by the Association for the treatment of Spa and Hot Tub water in the interest of the safety of the public.

  5. To comply in all respects with the Trades Descriptions Act, 1968, Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act, 1973, the Sale of Goods Act, 1979 and any other subsequent acts or regulations amending or replacing the same so far as goods supplied by the Members are concerned.

  6. To advertise and market so that the nature and extent of the products and services advertised and offered by the Company is fully understood by the prospective client. At all times to comply with the requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority.

  7. Where a self-contained (portable) Spa or Hot Tub is supplied either direct to a Member of the Public or to a Spa Retailer there shall be supplied sufficient instructions and information generally as to the proper operation and maintenance of that Spa or Hot Tub. In particular, handover certificates and other relevant documentation prescribed by the Association shall accompany the product during each transaction.

  8. Not to derogate in any way a competitor’s product or services.

  9. To use one’s best endeavours to fulfil all contractual obligations.

  10. To offer a clear and reasonable warranty of products and services and to perform on such warranties where justifiable claims are made within a suitable time period.

All Bishta members can be found through the Bishta official website by using their simple search function here. We strongly recommend only using a Bishta registered hot tub supplier here in the UK.