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The Hot Tub Superstore Delivery Requirements.

This page identifies all you need to consider prior to your hot tub delivery. You will find the specific access dimensions and electrical requirements for your chosen model, along with relevant points to consider.

Aside from meeting the dimensional and electrical requirements, you will need an area of firm, level ground on which to site your spa.

About Access Requirements

To the right (or below on mobile screens), you can see our absolute minimum width and height requirements for each model. Please check the minimum width and height bearing in mind any possible obstructions — these typically include gate frames, window sills and drain pipes — to name but a few.

NOTE : Deliveries are completed using a Spa Dolly — a specific delivery trolley requiring minimal access. Consequently, all dimensions supplied are the minimum required, including the delivery system.

If you have any concern regarding your delivery, call our team on 01253 599330 and we will happily advise.

Electrical requirements.

13AMP electrical requirements.

waterproof plug socket

13 amp models require an outdoor waterproof plug socket with RCD protection within 1.5 to 4 metres of the spa location. Such sockets are inexpensive and simple to fit; a local electrician will typically supply and fit for approximately £75.

IMPORTANT : DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION LEAD OR PLUG TYPE CORDS OF ANY KIND. We cannot finalise the installation without the correct waterproof RCD plug socket

32AMP electrical requirements.

waterproof isolator switch

These models require a 32-amp supply on 6mm SWA cable with RCD protection (cable sizes may be different depending on length of cable run between consumer unit and commando socket). A commando socket with local isolation is required between 1.5 meters and 3 metres of the spa, complete with 'male' plug and 8 metres of SY flex with UV protection or supply with flexible conduit). The flex is hard wired to the spa by our engineers, then simply plugged in to complete.

A 32AMP dedicated electrical installation will typically cost around £300-£350 and typically take approximately two hours to complete.

* The commando socket supply DOES NOT require your electrician present on installation. However, a 32 amp 'hard wired' supply WILL REQUIRE YOUR ELECTRICIAN PRESENT ON INSTALLATION to complete the wiring connection.

A new RCD circuit breaker must be used for your spa installation. Do not use an existing breaker, as its condition is unknown. The spa must be connected to a dedicated RCD breaker that is not shared with any other equipment. Do not use extension or plug type cords of any kind.

The hot tub doesnot come with a plug and SY flex so please make sure this is supplied by you electrician.

40AMP electrical requirements. (Michael Phelps models 7,8,9)

waterproof isolator switch

A 40 amp supply using 6mm steel wired armoured cable with local isolation via rotary isolator, terminated with a 7 metre tail. A 40 amp breaker is required. The supply should feed directly from a suitable source (typically your domestic fuse box) to the rotary isolator which is typically mounted 2 metres from the spa area. A 7 metre 'tail end' is required from the isolator to the spa - the tail is 'hard wired' to the spa by our engineers. Please note; the long tail is required to allow perfect siting and orientation of the spa. If the cable distance is longer than 20 metres, a 10mm SWA cable will be required - Please double check this with your electrician.

A 40AMP dedicated electrical installation will typically cost around £300-£350 and take no more than a couple of hours to complete.


The spa dolly is a specifically designed hot tub installation tool. The dolly holds the spa upright, minimising the space required, allowing a safe and hassle free installation.