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A splashing gift for the Radford family

Posted by Tom Smith

The Radford family

The Hot Tub Superstore are proud to be collaborating with the Radford family. Series 3 of their hit Channel 5 show, 22 Kids and Counting, will air on Sunday 8th January and follows Sue’s quest for fitness and family fun.

The Radford’s have been featured on a number of TV shows due to their large family. Over the last few years, the Radford’s have featured on 16 Kids and Counting and, more recently, 22 Kids and Counting.

As of now, the family has 22 children and 11 grandchildren. 19 of the children are still living with their parents inside their home, which was previously a care home.

Sue set herself a goal of improving her health and fitness. Sue and her family came to visit the Hot Tub Superstore to view and try our swim spas.

Swim spas can be used for relaxing, exercise and even to teach little ones how to swim. The possibilities are endless. Now the whole family can enjoy their very own pool – in the convenience of their Morecambe home.

Swim spa installation

Our talented team visited the family home to install the spa and make sure the family had all of the information they needed. Our specialist team of installers used a crane to carefully place the spa where the family wanted it to go.

They’ve got the garden of dreams now, with a gorgeous swim spa, a DIY bar and their own pizza oven.

We hope the whole family is loving the new spa!

If you’re looking for a little more relaxation and think a spa could be the answer, check out our website. We have a huge range of impressive models available. If you need any help, you can contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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