Hot Tub Brits

Posted by Ian Lawton

Hot Tub Brits

This Sunday, Channel 5 will be airing a hot tub TV programme called Hot Tub Brits: More Bubbles Please! The show will begin on Sunday 1st August and will focus on the hot tub boom in Britain.

Back in 2014, we were the first hot tub company to be featured on a hot tub TV programme. We were shown on Hot Tub Britain, which was a year long documentary, following us and sharing behind the scenes footage of The Hot Tub Superstore. The programme was viewed by over 3 million people. This led to us being seen as the UK’s most recognised industry brand.

Even before the pandemic, hot tub sales were high due to people wanting to give their garden some more wow factor. But since the Coronavirus pandemic, hot tub sales rocketed because of people spending much more time at home due to government guidelines.

Over the last year, hot tubs have brought a lot of joy back into people’s lives and helped them to relax during stressful times. Wait times were at an all time high and still are for some hot tub models. We feel very lucky to be in an industry that was able to continue to fulfill the needs of our customers throughout the pandemic.

This Hot Tub Brits documentary will focus on hot tub installations and the trials and tribulations of hot tub transfers. It’s definitely worth a watch to get an idea of what happens in the hot tub world.

The first episode of the documentary will be aired on Sunday 1st of August at 9pm, followed by the second episode on Sunday 8th of August at 9pm, both will be shown on Channel 5.

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