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Hot Tub Covers – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Posted by Tom Smith

Hot Tub Covers - What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Hot tub covers are often something we don’t think too much about. But what if we told you that they substantially lowered your energy and water bills? More people would probably ensure that they had one ready for as soon as their hot tub arrived. This blog is all about Hot Tub Covers and What You Must Know Before Buying Them. 

Hot tub covers are designed to fit over the top of your tub perfectly, with no gaps exposing it to the outside. The main purpose of a hot tub cover is to keep your tub clean, but they come with many other benefits, including – they save you money on water and energy bills and they also ensure that the water in your hot tub stays as clean as it can be while you’re not using your tub. 

Energy bills

The running costs of your hot tub are probably something you spent quite a long time looking into. By using a good quality cover on your hot tub, you can definitely save money. A lot of people think that a hot tub needs to be turned off whenever it’s not in use, but that’s not the case. If you put a cover on your hot tub when it’s not in use and leave it switched on, the cover will ensure that the water retains its temperature. Without a cover you would be wasting a lot more money having to reheat your hot tub each time you want to use it.


Windy days can really cause some problems with the cleanliness of your hot tub. Leaves and other debris in the air can quite easily enter your hot tub or stick to the surface around it. If you have a hot tub cover on, it will offer some protection against debris in the wind. Not only are leaves and debris not great for your tub’s appearance, they also pose a risk of clogging up your pumps and damaging your hot tub’s water system. 

Protection against damage

Unfortunately, sometimes the weather is not always on our side and it can be quite damaging. Having a secure cover on your hut tub in winter means that it will have some protection against bad weather. This is where you’ll have to consider the thickness and density of your hot tub cover, you’ll need to take the weather into consideration, if you experience snow a lot, you’ll need a thicker cover to prevent tears from the excess weight. 

Caring for your cover

Before you buy a hot tub cover, you need to make sure you know the model of your hot tub, to ensure that it will fit properly with no gaps for dirt to get in or heat to escape.

You should also know how to care for your hot tub cover and deal with any damage that may occur. You can easily clean your hot tub cover with a hose or a warm damp cloth. Make sure that you act fast if you spot any dirt or grime, in order to avoid any stains. Lift off any leaves or debris if you can and if you notice any discolouration, you should speak to your dealer. Hot tub covers generally last a long time if they are cared for properly. Make sure you check the cover frequently for any splits or gaps in the material that may cause excess dirt to enter your tub. 

At The Hot Tub Superstore, we have covers that are made to order specifically for the hot tub that you purchase. Before you checkout, you can choose a colour that matches your garden furniture and the model of your tub, so we can make sure it’s the perfect fit. 

If you need any advice or assistance with your hot tub cover, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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