Hot tub garden considerations

Posted by Tom Smith

Hot tub garden considerations

Planning for a new hot tub is a very exciting time but before you can relax in your tub, you have some important decisions to make, such as where you’re going to place it. In this blog, we’re telling you all of the hot tub garden considerations you need to think about.

So you’ve decided to purchase your own hot tub or swim spa, now you have the difficult choice of deciding where you want to put it. There are many things to consider and there’s no right or wrong place to install your tub.

Checking the dimensions

Before you purchase your hot tub or swim spa, of course you’ll need to conduct research and find out the exact dimensions of your chosen model. When you know the dimensions, you can get outside and work out where your tub has potential to fit. It is likely that you will want to keep a fair amount of garden space so make sure you’ve considered this too. It is a good idea to map out the area you expect your tub to fit in with rope so that you can visualise what your garden will look like. You need to ensure that the ground underneath where you plan on having your hot tub installed is strong enough to carry the weight of your tub.


Of course accessing your hot tub needs to be easy, but you also need to consider how close to your home you would like your tub. Having your hot tub right at the end of the garden may sound like a great idea, but you have to consider whether or not you’ll want a longer walk back into the house when you step out of your hot tub. You also need to ensure that your hot tub is close enough to its power supply.

Over or under

Some people choose to have their hot tubs built into the ground while others like the idea of being able to see the whole tub. Again, the choice is yours but you must ensure you conduct research and prepare for your plans. You also need to consider whether you plan on moving the tub elsewhere in the garden at any point. If you plan on changing the location of your tub then having it built into the ground may not be the best idea. You also need to consider whether or not your hot tub cover will fit if your hot tub is built into the ground.

Styling out the garden

Hot tubs look amazing so you can be confident that installing one will definitely give your garden the ultimate wow factor. Depending on the style of your garden, you may want to either build or buy a hot tub canopy. These canopies can be used to add extra lighting to the garden. The good news is that canopies are not required for the longevity of your tub, your hot tub cover will provide enough protection from various weather conditions and debris.

If you need any assistance with your hot tub garden considerations, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help.

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