GL 6

Tested Running Costs ÂŁ20.04 or 67p daily.

ÂŁ5795inc. VAT



Further Information

Further Information

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  • Manufactured in the USA by Master Spas™

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Dimensions, weights, water capacity

  • Dimensions
    216cm x 216cm x 89cm (85" x 85” x 35")
  • Dry weight | Full weight
    243kg | 1431 kg
  • Water capacity
    1480 Litres

Full Foam Insulation

  • Better insulation means low energy costs. We use Icynene foam technology that has dramatically raised the standard over urethane foam insulation systems used by almost all U.S. spa manufacturers. Icynene is polyicynene expanding foam insulation that is environmentally safe. It allows foam to be sprayed without ozone-destroying gases and without gas emission hazards.

    High Quality Insulation

    The Icynene Insulation System expands to 100 times its initial volume in seconds to insulate and air-seal the spa. The resulting blanket of soft foam insulation forms a continuous thermal barrier that eliminates cold spots and significantly reduces energy costs.

    A consistent, comfortable temperature is maintained inside the spa, while cold air is kept outside, and condensation, mould and mildew prevented. Unlike urethane foam-based systems, which lose half their value in as little as two years, Icynene maintains its insulation value for the life of your Master Spa.

Running Costs

  • Thermal testing carried out Running costs ÂŁ11.40 (38p daily)

    The costs indicated on the Energy Calculator are calculated based on the industry’s only certified test procedure for determining energy costs. Actual owner monthly costs will vary on a wide variety of circumstances.

    Values have been calculated based on standard test procedure for Portable Electric Spas as stipulated in ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2014

    • Energy Cost based on ÂŁ0.10/kwh.
    • Tested at 60°F ambient temperature.
    • 102°F water temperature.
    • Master Spas cover used and not opened during testing.
    • Pumps came on during automatic cycles only for heating and filtering. They were not turned on manually.
    • Test conducted in a 3rd party approved environmental chamber certified to the ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2014 standard.

    Actual Monthly Cost of Running a hot tub or swim spa in a customers’ garden will vary from these totals and is totally dependent upon:

    • Local energy cost.
    • Local ambient temperature.
    • Set water temperature.
    • Use of hot tub or swim spa.
    • Type and condition of cover.
    • Filter cycle settings.
    • Pump type and HP.

LED Lighting

  • Internal footwell LED lighting. LED lights have fixed and mood functions with up to eight colour sequences.

Pumps, Jets & Filtration

  • 1 x Balboa Dura Jet 2-speed 10.3amp 50hz pump

    Features: All seals are carbon ceramic with Viton® elastomers for long-lasting performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure. A unique design impeller provides higher efficiency flow with a smaller horsepower motor than other pumps in the same class; high flow rates can exceed 210 gallons per minute. Sanitisation and heating can occur while maintaining lower running costs. Whisper quiet operation assures a peaceful spa experience.

    Getaway Lodge models do not feature air diverters or waterfall controls. Removal of such components decreases failure or breakages.

  • 1 x Quiet Flow™ 24-hour circulation pump

    All seals to main pumps are carbon ceramic with Viton® elastomers for long-lasting performance, easily enduring prolonged heat and chemical exposure. A unique design impeller provides higher efficiency flow with a smaller horsepower motor than other pumps in the same class; high flow rates can exceed 210 gallons per minute. Sanitisation and heating can occur while maintaining lower running costs. Whisper quiet operation assures a peaceful spa experience.

    The QuietFlow™ Water Care System utilises a hot tub circulation pump to maximise efficiency in spa heating and filtration. The circulation pump moves water at 30 gallons per minute through the Smartpod™ filtering the water when the spa is not in use. By keeping the water moving at present intervals, the circulation pump ensures hot tub water remains filtered and heated evenly.

    In addition to improving water filtration, maintaining a slightly elevated water temperature allows the spa to heat up more quickly, ensuring it’s ready when you are. Without the circulation pump, the water would be still, which results in increased demands for spa chemicals and additional time to heat the water to the desired temperature prior to use.

  • Smart Filter

    The Smart Filter™ offers a consistent flow of bromine into your spa – providing steady and reliable sanitisation, away from your guests. This feature is an important aspect of HSG282 compliancy.

Cabinet & Cover

  • Maintenance Free, composite cabinet available in graphite or Espresso brown. The rugged, attractive cabinet is designed for life with protection from the sun and temperature fluctuations. Aesthetically, the composite cabinet features wide, horizontal lines to capture the style of contemporary domestic flooring.

    GL & Force Cabinet & Cover  GL & Force Cabinet & Cover

ABS Base

  • Rotational moulded one-piece construction.

Spa Controls

  • Simplified control panel with only jet and light functions. This simplified panel prevents unplanned setting changes by guests/users which can be problematic. The panel features hidden keys which allow can be accessed by the owner/lead operator for access to extra functions.

Titanium Heater

  • The added demands of commercial use can stress water levels place added strain on components – such as the heater. The titanium heater provides a superior defence against poor water conditions.

Warranty & Manual

Delivery & Electrical requirements

  • Download the GL 6 delivery requirements PDF.

Hot Tub Overview

Hot Tub Overview

The Getaway Lodge series are specifically designed to set the needs of the holiday-let market. GL models feature robust one-piece construction, simplified controls and a fast drain system as well as meeting HSG282 guidelines.

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ÂŁ5795inc. VAT


Hot Tub Overview
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