H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa
H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa
H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa
H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa
H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa
Master Spas Efficiency

H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa

RRP: £46195

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587cm x 239cm x 153cm (231" x 94" x 60")
Dry weight | Full weight
10,388 Litres
Water capacity
1,558kg | 10,791kg
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Class Leading Energy Efficiency
Operational Standby Cost at £3.02 per day

Master Spas manufacture some of the most efficient hot tubs and swim spas in the world. All models exceed the stringent energy standards set by the Californian Energy Commission (CEC) – the only independent, trusted test for hot tub efficiency, worldwide. Our hot tubs feature premium Icynene insulation, ensuring top-notch quality and significantly lower operating costs for our customers.



Introducing the H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa: Your Ultimate Dual-Zone Fitness and Relaxation Haven

Experience the epitome of wellness with the H2X Challenger 19D Swim Spa, where two bodies of water and two distinct temperatures converge to elevate your fitness and relaxation experience. Customise your workout pace effortlessly with the programmable variable speed system, allowing you to swim, jog, walk, or exercise in the spacious, uninhibited swim area while maintaining water temperatures in the 80s for your personal comfort. On the other side, immerse yourself in the full-size hydrotherapy hot tub, where temperatures can be set up to a soothing 99°. With 31 jets, ergonomic seating, and a design dedicated to rejuvenating your mind, body, and spirit, bid farewell to the tensions, aches, and stresses of the day.

The Challenger series seamlessly bridges the gap between fitness and performance, empowering you to elevate your training regimen to unparalleled heights. Featuring an innovative jet system devoid of air introduction, coupled with VIP Technology and strategically placed jets, experience a smooth, wide current of water that caters to both novice and elite swimmers at the touch of a button. Plus, indulge in the hydrotherapy and relaxation features you desire and deserve.

Effortlessly navigate your swim spa experience with the AquaSpeed VSP™ touchscreen display, offering intuitive controls to set current speed and program personalised workouts. With 25 speed settings at your disposal, fine-tune your pace for endurance efforts or capitalise on interval training benefits.

For our international clientele, the VSP system may not be available. However, rest assured, with three high-flow pumps, a robust, deep, and expansive water current with seven adjustable speeds ensures an immersive aquatic experience tailored to your preferences.

Who will love it: Athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, embrace the Challenger 19D Swim Spa and embark on a journey of unparalleled wellness and performance today.


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