H2X Trainer 19


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Estimated Manufacturers Standby Running Cost

All priced at 28.34 pence/kwh (UK energy cap April 2022)

£3.67 per day
(swim & spa combined)

Further Information

Further Information

Product Brochure

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  • Manufactured in the USA by Master Spas™

Dimensions, weights, water capacity

  • Dimensions
    587cm x 239cm x 130cm (180" x 94" x 51")
  • Dry weight | Full weight
    1,338kg | 9,700kg
  • Water capacity
    7,779 Litres

Insulation & Running Costs

  • Master Spas builds our swim spas to be used year-round in every possible climate. Environmentally-friendly Icynene foam insulation makes H2X Swim Spas by Master Spas among the most energy efficient swim spas in the industry.

    Every swim spa is built to not only meet but to exceed the stringent California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency regulations. All resulting in what really matters — a superior swim spa experience and savings for you and your monthly utility bill.

    Advantages of Icynene Insulation Over Urethane Insulation:

    • Icynene Foam retains its insulating value for the life of the product unlike Urethane based foam that can lose 50% of its insulating value within two years.
    • Icynene does not produce any harmful off-gas.
    • Icynene is mold and mildew resistanty.
    • Icynene is the only insulating material certified by the Envirodesic Certification Program for healthier air quality.

LED Lighting

  • Internal footwell LED lighting, individual LED points of lights, LED lit drinks holders, LED lit dual waterfalls. LED lights have fixed and mood functions with up to eight colour sequences.

VIP Swim Jets

  • Think about a high-definition, flat screen TV versus a standard-definition, color tube TV. One, you couldn’t wait to hang on your wall, and made your house the preferred location to catch the big game or don’t-miss season finale. The other is gathering dust in your garage. They both call themselves TVs, but which one did you prefer?

    Can you recall the first time you watched a show in full HD and then switched back to an SD channel? You may have thought your TV was broken, your eyes had gone bad or BOTH. Meet the world’s only HD swim spas, the H2X Series in Hi-Def, by Master Spas.

    Introducing the world’s only high-definition line of swim spas, the H2X Series by Master Spas. No other jetted swim spa even comes close. Our VIP Technology brings you HD performance in an SD world.

    Here’s How it Works: The Velocity Injector Cones, along with the water flowing through the jets, help to create negative pressure around the perimeter of the jet face allowing water to be pulled through the front grill, into the main water stream. The result is an IMPRESSIVE 45% performance increase over a standard jetted swim spa

Fitness Equipment

  • Once in the water, you’ll find that the H2X has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of fitness exercises. You can jog in place against a gentle current, use a kickboard or use the H2Xercise System that includes a rowing kit, resistance bands, H2Xercise Bells, H2Xercise Fins, the H2Xercise Aquatic Workout book and comes standard with all models.

    With the jets off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range-of-motion exercises. Water buoyancy naturally makes exercising easy on the joints and this approach offers a total mind and body workout that is effective, yet gentle.

    H2Xercise Bells: This unique design allows for adjustability in four varying resistance levels to accommodate any user and fitness level. Whether the goal is rehabilitation or high-level performance training, these are the dumbbells for you.

    H2Xercise Ankle Fins: These form fitting, comfortable fins provide a smooth accommodating resistance in every direction that you move. They allow you to strengthen the muscles that you use every day in an effective and efficient manner.

    H2Xercise Rowing Kit and Resistance Bands: Easy to connect, use the rowing kit for upper body strength and endurance training. When you’re done, just release the four fastening points and store it in the durable H2Xercise bag for your next session. Multiple resistance bands and attachments are perfect for a wide variety of strength and flexibility exercises.

    H2Xercise Aquatic Workout for Every Fitness Level: A new way to exercise. Dr. Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS and Professor of Hydrotherapy has authored an exercise program written exclusively for the Master Spas line of swim spas. This program is designed specifically to help you get the most out of your swim spa and is presented in an easy-to-follow format.

Shell Cabinet Colours

  • Shell Options
    Sterling Silver Marble, Sierra
  • Cabinet Options - DURAMASTER PREMIUM™ SKIRTING (standard)
    Graphite Grey, Espresso
  • Cabinet Options - MASTERTECH™ DELUXE SKIRTING (optional)

Further Options

  • Axis Cover System

    The World’s Best Swim Spas Just Got Better

    Master Spas swim spas just got easier to use! The new Axis® Cover System makes it simple for almost anyone to handle their swim spa cover.




    No more struggling with your existing cover. The rolling technology of the Axis Cover is easy to use, looks great, and is made with premium materials to last a long time. Contact your dealer for more.

  • Sound System Option

    The Optional Fusion Air Sound System is an option with any H2X model. This system includes four interior water resistant speakers and a subwoofer to maximize the sound quality. The Fusion Air Sound System connects quickly and easily through the Bluetooth of your phone or other device allowing you to stream your favourite station or playlist.

    You can even connect your iPad® while using a waterproof case and mount, and stream your favourite movie or show…turning your swim spa into a “cinematic” experience.

Warranty & Manual

Delivery & Electrical requirements

  • Contact us on 01253 599330 for more information on your swim spa delivery.

Hot Tub Overview

Hot Tub Overview

TWO BODIES OF WATER, TWO DIFFERENT TEMPERATURES – Enjoy a swim and the full-body effects of aquatic exercise with water set to a personal comfort zone in the 20s. On the other side, settle into the hot tub with the temperature set up to 40° c. This full-size hydrotherapy hot tub has 31 jets, ergonomic seating, and was designed to give your mind, body, and spirit a thorough rejuvenation. Say good-bye to the tensions, aches, and stresses of the day. The Trainer 19 is more than a sensation; it’s your solution.

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Finance Available from £pm

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Hot Tub Overview

Learn more about our swim spas in our latest Swim Spa Live

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