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Estimated Manufacturers Standby Running Cost

All priced at 28.34 pence/kwh (UK energy cap April 2022)

£2.73 per day

Further Information

Further Information

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  • Manufactured in the USA by Master Spas™

Dimensions, weights, water capacity

  • Dimensions
    510 cm x 239 cm x 152 cm (201"x 94"x 60)
  • Dry weight | Full weight
    1,218 kg | 8,875 kg
  • Water capacity
    7,325 Litres

Insulation & Running Costs

  • Better Performance and Energy Efficient

    Not only does a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spas outperform other swim spas, they actually cost less to operate, too. In fact, our swim spas are the most energy efficient swim spas on the market today. The ultra energy-efficient motor used as part of the Wave XP Propulsion® System costs up to 70% less to operate than industry standards. Most Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas* only require a 50 amp electrical service while other brands require 100 amps+ to deliver an inferior experience.

    * MP Momentum™ requires an 80 Amp System.

  • Water Management System

    The Mast3rPur™ Water Management System is a synergistic blend of three proven natural water sanitizers that, when combined, creates a chemical reaction known as Advanced Oxidation Process. This results in clean, clear, fresh-smelling and silkier water. The Mast3rPur™ option comes equipped with the QuietFlo Water Care System, a 24-hour circulation pump.

  • Running Costs

    Many people understandably ask: how much will a Master Spa hot tub cost to run?

    This question is near impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy as it depends entirely on a series of factors, not least:

    • The cost of your domestic electric
    • Water temperature and ambient temperature
    • Wind speed and will-chill factor
    • Frequency and duration of use

    What we can tell you is Master Spas manufacture some of the most thermally-efficient hot tubs in the world. In addition, they are thermally tested to pass, or exceed, the standards set by the CEC – Californian Energy Commission with publicly available results.

    These results give energy use, on standby, in controlled conditions, from which you can calculate anticipated costs.

    Visit the CEC website to find the energy use of your Master Spas model Simply select the manufacturer and then select the model you wish. Note: Currently some models are still waiting for certification – this is simply because they are newer than others – they share the same build and efficiency so if you want to get an idea, simply pick a similarly sized model with a similar water volume.

    Test Details

    The costs indicated on the Energy Calculator are calculated based on the industry’s only certified test procedure for determining energy costs. Actual owner monthly costs will vary on a wide variety of circumstances.

    Values have been calculated based on standard test procedure for Portable Electric Spas as stipulated in ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2014

    • Tested at 60°F ambient temperature.
    • 102°F water temperature.
    • Master Spas cover used and not opened during testing.
    • Pumps came on during automatic cycles only for heating and filtering. They were not turned on manually.
    • Test conducted in a 3rd party approved environmental chamber certified to the ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2014 standard.

    Actual Monthly Cost of Running a hot tub or swim spa will vary from these totals and is totally dependent upon:

    • Local energy cost.
    • Local ambient temperature.
    • Set water temperature.
    • Use of hot tub or swim spa.
    • Type and condition of cover.
    • Filter cycle settings.

LED Lighting

  • Wave Light Package (Optional Extra)


    Add Dramatic Lighting to your Swim Spa

    Set into a decorative SoftTread insert, this laser LED light provides a warm and inviting glow to the exterior of your swim spa at night and looks great as part of your backyard design. The Wave Light Package is available for most deep swim spa models.

VIP Swim Jets

  • Swim Spa Propulsion Technology

    So what sets the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas line of swim, fitness, and therapy swim spas apart from the crowd? Actually, the difference is pretty clear.

    The patented Wave XP Propulsion® Technology System delivers a deep, wide current of pure water flow. There’s virtually no turbulence as compared to industry standard jetted swim spas. The unique propeller design does not require air to be introduced into the water to increase its strength, allowing for a more realistic swimming experience.

    You don’t need to be Michael Phelps to train like Michael Phelps, but the variable speed motor of our Wave XP Propulsion™ System allows you to try. Exclusive to Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas, the SwimNumber™ System allows you to choose your level of resistance created by the Wave XP Propulsion™ System. With varying levels from 0-100, you can find the ideal speed for you to swim, exercise, or train against. It’s as easy as finding your number.

  • Smart Workouts

    The SwimNumber™ System includes preprogrammed Smart Workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each Smart Workout changes the speed of the water current at different timed increments during the routine.

  • Choose the Wave You Want to Catch

    We all have specific needs and abilities and most of us won’t need to swim or exercise at the same level that Michael Phelps does. That’s why we have created two different levels of our Wave Propulsion System. Choose which one is best for you and catch the wave.

  • Wave XP Propulsion

    Standard option on all Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas. The Wave XP Propulsion system generates up to almost 1,500 gallons of water flow per minute and is ideal for anyone with a desire to train or use the swim spa as the centrepiece of their swimming routine.

Fitness Equipment

  • Once in the water, you’ll find that the H2X has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of fitness exercises. You can jog in place against a gentle current, use a kickboard or use the H2Xercise System that includes a rowing kit, resistance bands, H2Xercise Bells, H2Xercise Fins, the H2Xercise Aquatic Workout book and comes standard with all models.

    With the jets off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range-of-motion exercises. Water buoyancy naturally makes exercising easy on the joints and this approach offers a total mind and body workout that is effective, yet gentle.

    H2Xercise Bells: This unique design allows for adjustability in four varying resistance levels to accommodate any user and fitness level. Whether the goal is rehabilitation or high-level performance training, these are the dumbbells for you.

    H2Xercise Ankle Fins: These form fitting, comfortable fins provide a smooth accommodating resistance in every direction that you move. They allow you to strengthen the muscles that you use every day in an effective and efficient manner.

    H2Xercise Rowing Kit and Resistance Bands: Easy to connect, use the rowing kit for upper body strength and endurance training. When you’re done, just release the four fastening points and store it in the durable H2Xercise bag for your next session. Multiple resistance bands and attachments are perfect for a wide variety of strength and flexibility exercises.

    H2Xercise Aquatic Workout for Every Fitness Level: A new way to exercise. Dr. Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS and Professor of Hydrotherapy has authored an exercise program written exclusively for the Master Spas line of swim spas. This program is designed specifically to help you get the most out of your swim spa and is presented in an easy-to-follow format.

Shell Cabinet Colours

  • Shell options
    Sterling Silver Marble, Sierra
  • Cabinet options - DURAMASTER PREMIUM™ SKIRTING (standard)
    Graphite Grey, Espresso
  • Cabinet options - MASTERTECH™ DELUXE SKIRTING (optional)

Further Options

  • Axis Cover System

    The World’s Best Swim Spas Just Got Better

    Master Spas swim spas just got easier to use! The new Axis® Cover System makes it simple for almost anyone to handle their swim spa cover.

    No more struggling with your existing cover. The rolling technology of the Axis Cover is easy to use, looks great, and is made with premium materials to last a long time. Contact your dealer for more information.

  • Sound System Option

    The Optional Fusion Air Sound System is an option with any H2X model.

    This system includes four interior water resistant speakers and a subwoofer to maximize the sound quality. The Fusion Air Sound System connects quickly and easily through the Bluetooth of your phone or other device allowing you to stream your favourite station or playlist.

    You can even connect your iPad® while using a waterproof case and mount, and stream your favourite movie or show…turning your swim spa into a “cinematic” experience.

Warranty & Manual

Delivery & Electrical requirements

  • Contact us on 01253 599330 for more information on your swim spa delivery.

Hot Tub Overview

Hot Tub Overview

The MP Force Deep offers the best of a swim spa but with a smaller footprint. Ideal for swimming, aquatic fitness, hydrotherapy, and entertaining, this nearly 17-foot swim spa features a smooth, wide current; 39 massaging spa jets; and therapy cove.

10 year finance options available on request.

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Finance Available from £pm

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Hot Tub Overview

Learn more about our swim spas in our latest Swim Spa Live

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