Force Hot Tubs

Force Hot Tubs are a plug and play range of spas with fantastic hydrotherapy power and the lowest power consumption available!

Master Spas are one of the most experienced manufacturers on the planet. You can rest assured that a Master Spas hot tub has been made to the highest standards with knowledge and experience of an originating force in the hot tub industry. The Force range of hot tubs are quite possibly the most economical range of hot tubs available anywhere. We doubt you will find a lower, true and tested hot tub running cost. 

Force Hot Tubs

Force 3 (2019)

Only £3,995 or pay in 12 months 0% Apr

3 Seats, 17 Hydrotherapy Jets, 8 Colour LED

Force 6 (2019)

£5,795 of from £109.04 pcm on finance!

5 Seats, 27 Jets, Compact Design, 8 Colour LED

Force 8 (2019)

£4,995 or from £94.53 on finance!

6 Seats, 33 Jets, Waterfall, 8 Colour LED

CEC Compliant For The Ultimate In Economical Performance!

About The Manufacturer

Master Spas are a global leader in hot tub and Swim Spa manufacture. The Hot Tub Superstore are proud to be the exclusive distributor in the UK for the entire Master Spas collections of spas and endless pools. 

Running costs


While many hot tubs look similar on the outside, it’s the insulation on the inside that really matters. Every hot tub we sell passes the “CEC” energy standards of California. The strictest hot tub energy standards anywhere on earth.

How are these figures reached?

The costs indicated are calculated based on the industry’s only certified test procedure for determining energy costs. Actual owner monthly costs will vary on a variety of circumstances.