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The Evolution 8B

The Evolution 8B hot tub is a large all seater with 7 individual seats. Great social hot tub.

  • 7 Ergonomic Seats
  • 46 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • 32amp (240v) Hot Tub
  • 213 x 213 x 91cm (84 x 84 x 36″)
  • Multi-colour LED atmospheric light
  • Intuitive Digital Controls with LCD panel
  • LED Lit Water Fountains
  • Sound system (Bluetooth)
  • LED Back Lit Drink Holders
  • Luxury Acrylic
  • Full Foam Insulation. Call For Details.

Buying Options

  • MSRP £10,495
  • NOW £7,995
  • Finance from £151.30 pcm

US Manufacturing!


Key Hot Tub Features

  • 7 Ergonomic Seats
  • 46 Adjustable Stainless Steel Jets
  • Multi-colour LED athmosphere light
  • Intuitive Digital Controls with LCD panel
  • Sound system (Bluetooth, Wifi)
  • LED Lit Water Fountains
  • LED Back Lit Drink Holders
  • Luxury Acrylic

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Hot Tub Overview

The Evolution 8 hot tub comes with an insulating spa cover, cover lifter, steps, a complete spa water care kit and water testing starter kit. The Evolution 8 hot tub has a 5 years full structural warranty, 2 years component and plumbing warranty and 7 days technical support. Full nationwide delivery and installation is available on this hot tub, along with affordable hot tub finance options. Please do contact us if you have any other questions.

Evolution 8B Specifications and Technical Details

Hot Tub Seating

Jets, Pumps & Components

General Features

Weights & Dimensions

Power Requirements

Whats Included

Delivery & Installation Requirements

Please check and double check the access route. If you have any concerns or considerations please don’t hesitate to call us. We have vast experience in hot tub installation however good preparation is always a good idea. 

Evolution 8B Electrical Requirements

These models require a 32-amp supply on 6mm SWA cable with RCD protection (cable sizes may be different depending on the length of cable run between the consumer unit and commando socket). A commando socket with local isolation is required between 1.5 meters and 3 metres of the spa, complete with ‘male’ plug and 8 metres of SY flex with UV protection or supply with flexible conduit). The flex is hard-wired to the spa by our engineers, then simply plugged in to complete.

A 32AMP dedicated electrical installation will typically cost around £300-£350 and typically take approximately two hours to complete.

* The commando socket supply DOES NOT require your electrician present on installation. However, a 32 amp ‘hard-wired’ supply WILL REQUIRE YOUR ELECTRICIAN PRESENT ON INSTALLATION to complete the wiring connection.

A new RCD circuit breaker must be used for your spa installation. Do not use an existing breaker, as its condition is unknown. The spa must be connected to a dedicated RCD breaker that is not shared with any other equipment. Do not use an extension or plug type cords of any kind.

The hot tub does not come with a plug and SY flex so please make sure this is supplied by your electrician.

Manufacturers Warranty


Evolution 8B. 32amp Hot Tub £7,995

Running costs

55p per day!


While many hot tubs look similar on the outside, it’s the insulation on the inside that really matters. Every hot tub we sell passes the “CEC” energy standards of California. The strictest hot tub energy standards anywhere on earth.

How are these figures reached?

The costs indicated are calculated based on the industry’s only certified test procedure for determining energy costs. Actual owner monthly costs will vary on a variety of circumstances.