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How to Find Trusted and Well Priced Hot Tub Dealers

Posted by Tom Smith


Purchasing a hot tub is a very exciting time, but it’s also a time when you need to focus to ensure that you get the best quality tub at the right price. Any company can advertise that their hot tubs are the best, but how do you know if you can trust them? In this blog, we’re telling you how to find a trusted and well priced hot tub dealer. 

Hot tubs are not cheap, they are often labelled as a luxury item. They brighten up any garden and can provide lots of fun for you, your family and your friends. But all of this enjoyment comes after you’ve purchased your hot tub and before you do that, you should be prepared to conduct a lot of in depth research into the various tubs on the market. 

Before you do anything, we would recommend that you think about what it is you want from your hot tub, such as the number of seats and loungers or the number of jets you want. After you’ve made these choices, you’ll be able to see exactly which hot tubs match your criteria, which will immediately make your decision easier. 

So, how do you find a trusted and well priced hot tub dealer? 

Visit the showroom 

A trusted dealer will welcome you into their showroom without hesitation. Inside the showroom, there should be various hot tubs on display as well as a range of cleaning products that you will need to help maintain your hot tub. Notice how the staff make you feel, whether they are helpful and enthusiastic. Customer service can be a great indication of how the rest of your buying journey will go. Remember, the hot tub supplier that you choose will be responsible for the safe delivery and handling of your tub, as well as any aftersales care that you may require.

Ask your friends 

Asking people for their advice means you’re likely to get honest and trustworthy reviews on products. Having a hot tub might not be very common and you might be the first person in your friendship group to buy one, so what do you do then? Well, you’d be surprised how much a company with a good reputation is talked about. If a company has a solid reputation, sometimes you don’t even need to have dealt with them to recommend them. There are plenty of review sites out there on the internet that you can have a look at to help you make your decision.

Company websites

Nowadays, we are very lucky to have access to so many resources online, some resources you could use are company websites. When visiting websites, you should look for professional, up to date and most importantly, secure websites. You don’t want to be purchasing an expensive hot tub on a website that is insecure. As well as looking into hot tubs on websites, you should also consider looking at their reviews page, that way you can see other people’s opinions on each company. 

Added extras 

If a hot tub is slightly more expensive somewhere else, there’s usually a reason, such as added extras that are included in the price of your hot tub. You should definitely do some research into these as having products such as a hot tub cover included in the price can save you a lot of money in the long run, and you need one to keep your spa well maintained. Another example would be delivery, as you can imagine, hot tubs are heavy and therefore it is common for delivery to be arranged. You should find out whether the delivery costs are included in the price before you make your decision. 

Direct comparisons 

After you have worked out exactly what is included in the price of your hot tub, if you are struggling to choose between two companies, you should make direct comparisons between the two. There may be a very important difference between the two that you wanted to be included. Remember that it is important to get the high quality tub that you want for a reasonable price.

If you’d like to purchase your hot tub from a trusted dealer for an excellent price, contact us today. 

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