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How to prepare your hot tub for summer

Posted by Tom Smith

How to prepare your hot tub for summer

As the weather starts to improve (fingers crossed!), you’re likely to be spending more time relaxing in your hot tub. Whether you use your hot tub all year round or you tend to stick to the indoors during the chilly winter months, it’s a good idea to give your hot tub a good clean around this time of year. In this blog, we’re telling you how to prepare your hot tub for summer.

Maybe this is your first summer owning a hot tub or maybe you’ve had one for years, either way, it’s good to have a cleaning plan to refer to at different points in the year. Cleaning your hot tub doesn’t need to feel like a chore, with high quality tools and a good understanding of what’s required, you can get your hot tub clean in no time.

So how can I prepare my hot tub for summer?


First up, you should consider emptying the water from your hot tub. This should be completed once every 3 months anyway with frequent usage, so if you use your tub all year round, you can use the seasons as a guide for when you need to clean your tub. Emptying the water from your tub can be completed using a pump to save time.


After your hot tub has been emptied, you should make sure to give each surface of your hot tub a good clean. There are many high quality cleaning products that can be used to clean and protect your tub. During cleaning, you should use a good quality cloth to prevent damage to your tub’s surfaces. It is important to wipe the exterior of your tub regularly throughout the year and this can be done using a microfibre cloth.


When you’re happy with the level of cleanliness of your hot tub, you can begin to refill it. Refilling can be completed using a standard garden hose. At this point, you should ensure that there are no leaves and other debris floating in the water. You should also be sure to check over your filter. Hot tub filters should be changed on average every year, as long as there’s no damage or discolouration within this time.

Chemical testing

Once your hot tub is full, it’s time to test the water and find out which chemicals need to be added to ensure that your water is safe for use. Water testing can be completed quickly using testing strips, which show you a number of factors including pH, bromine, chlorine and more. Before you start adding any chemicals, you need to find out how much water your hot tub can hold, then you can work out how much of each chemical needs to be added.


After you have added the necessary chemicals, you should retest the water to ensure that you have added the correct amount of each chemical. If you do happen to have made a mistake, don’t worry, you can always empty your tub and refill it. It’s important to ensure that each chemical is at the optimum level to ensure water safety.

Now it’s time to enjoy your luxury hot tub! Make sure you are regularly cleaning hot tub surfaces and checking your filter for damage and cover for any tears. Your hot tub cover plays an important role in protecting your tub from weather damage, leaves and other debris.

If you’re looking to purchase a hot tub or you need any help with preparing your hot tub for summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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