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Our New Website

Posted by Tom Smith

Welcome to our new website. Designed and built over the last few months, it is really the culmination of years of hot tub retail experience.

The Hot Tub Superstore have benefitted from a high-profile online reputation since our inception in 2004. In fact, it’s largely because of our strong online brand and functional websites, that we became a household name.

We have always set out to make our websites simple to use (for all ages!) intuitive and informative. One early development was the inclusion of product videos – we actually launched our first product video back in 2007 and they have remained a hallmark of the Hot Tub Superstore’s website ever since. Customer engagement, both from an anecdotal and analytical point of view – has remained our primary focus. We now know customers prefer to watch a short video than mentally process endless pages of text and imagery – and videos are the perfect showcase for this.

Of course, most things are about the right balance and websites are no different. Videos, imagery and technical specification work in unison to create the perfect website.

So, to February 2020, and time for our new website. The online world and customers’ expectations are, by definition, dynamic and we must react accordingly to ensure we are offering our customers the best experience we can. Our new website has a clean, minimal appearance to underline the quality of the Master Spas brand. Where, in previous years, webpages have been text-dense, we have retained a wealth of information – yet it’s organised in such a way that the browser can elect to see the detail – if they wish. Less is more: more choice and less information force-feeding.

Never before has our website best represented all aspects of the Hot Tub Superstore’s business – we hope you like it and we look forward to your feedback.

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