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Six months owning our Master Spa Michael Phelps 7 Hot Tub and we haven’t changed our minds about Hot Tub Superstore. Great service and absolutely fantastic product. The Michael Phelps 7 is a hydrotherapy monster, if you are looking for a really powerful high end therapy hot tub I absolutely recommend this range. I researched hot tubs for about four years, I not an expert but an experienced engineer and I can tell these Master Spa tubs are absolutely solid, the quality is fantastic. I have had a couple of very minor issues such as a faulty spinner jet, struggling to connect the Balboa app and initially getting to grips with water care. However I have found the HTSS very helpful each time, they sent me a new jet without quibble, helped me through connecting to the wifi and are more than happy to spend time on the phone talking through any water care issues. There is one disappointment that I have had and that is the Inline “Smart” Filter which I paid quite a bit for, To be clear this isn’t part of Master Spa it is a filter with a click-in pod that HTSS sells. You load the pod with Bromine tablets, set the feed rate and then relax as you know your water will be nicely sanitised for a few weeks. Sounds great and I like the idea. Trouble is, it doesn’t work, sorry guys but the smart pod is junk. The Darlly filter itself felt cheaply made in comparison to Pleatco filters and mine started to fall apart (which was replaced, thank you) It’s funny as I visit my local hot tub shop (Barnsley Hot Tubs) from time to time to buy chemicals and have a chat. The guy in there is very knowledgeable and very well respected in the industry. I mentioned the smart pod I was using and he went into the back and brought one out and he laughed about it. He said Darlly who make the filters asked him to do a long term test on the smart pod and he said he ran them on some of his display tubs for months. He basically said stop using it, they don’t work and his explanation why was exactly the same as my findings too. You cannot set it to feed bromine with any consistency, the lower settings don’t put enough in, and the higher settings put waaaaay too much in because the tablets dissolve too quick, as in a couple of days. With fresh tablets, the lower settings initially feed enough in but after a while when the tablet gets smaller and the surface area in contact with the water reduces, it doesn’t put enough in. I had a disaster with mine, I loaded with fresh tablets and went away for five days, came back to pea soup and I had to drain and start again. I have now gone to manually adding chlorine and whilst it’s a pain it’s working for me. Starting to ramble on a bit now but in summary I wholeheartedly recommend the Hot Tub Superstore. Just don’t buy the in line “smart” pod/filter, stick to the Pleatco filters and get in to the habit of manually adding your sanitiser.

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