FINIS Adult Circuit 2 Goggles – Silver Mirror



Circuit 2 goggles are versatile fitness and competitive goggles designed with an arched, rotating nosepiece and silicone eye gaskets for maximum comfort. Designed to be worn during training and competition, the adjustable silicone strap distributes pressure evenly around the head. Mirrored, curved lenses offer ultimate peripheral vision and reduce distortion. Circuit 2 goggles come with three interchangeable nose pieces for a universal fit.

LOW PROFILE, MIRRORED LENSES: Offers clear peripheral vision, eliminates drag, reduces glare, and prevents leaking

ARCHED NOSE BRIDE: Rotating arched nose bridge accommodates a vast range of face shapes

SILICONE EYE GASKETS: Provides added comfort and a watertight seal to make every lap distraction free

UV PROTECTION, ANTI-FOG: Protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, long lasting anti-fog prevents goggles from becoming cloudy

INTERCHANGEABLE NOSE BRIDGES: Distributes pressure evenly around head for extra comfort


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