FINIS Mermaid Dream Fin


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Bring your mermaid dreams to life by gliding through the water like a real mermaid! The FINIS Mermaid Dream Fin is designed to allow children to safely escape into an underwater adventure. Inspired by mermaid legends and childrens’ imaginations, the Mermaid Dream Fin shines brilliantly under beams of sunlight.

INCREASED COMFORT AND PERFORMANCE: Separate foot pockets increase comfort and propel you forward

SCUBA-GRADE BLADE: Made of a durable, flexible material that provides a more realistic mermaid experience

DUAL-STRAP FUNCTION: Advanced position threads the strap through the hook for added support, while the beginner position offers quick-release

WEAR AS YOU GROW: Adjustable strap and foam foot inserts accommodate a range of sizes

SAFEST WAY TO MERMAID: Quick-release strap function and rubberized fin edges support safe swimming


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