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FINIS Tech Toc Hip Rotation Tool


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The Tech Toc is a simple training tool worn around the waist that provides instant stroke feedback and ensures proper hip position during all four swim strokes. The Tech Toc utilizes a ball bearing in a plastic capsule and acoustic amplifiers to create a sound as the device is tipped from side to side. This audible feedback prompts proper hip rotation and undulation. The Tech Toc also has a Delay Setting which delays the ball bearing, forcing swimmers to exaggerate hip rotation.

PROPER SWIM TECHNIQUE: Promotes proper stroke rhythm and a symmetrical roll from side to side with instant feedback; Encourages proper positioning for speed and efficiency

HIP ROTATION TRAINING: Ball bearing creates an audible sound when tipped from side to side, so swimmers can hear and feel proper hip rotation

VARIED STROKE IMPROVEMENT: For backstroke and freestyle, the Tech Toc communicates hip rotation timing; For butterfly and breaststroke it acts as a fulcrum signaling a strong hip undulation

DELAY SETTING: Forces exaggerated movements and is great for beginner swimmers

ADJUSTABLE NYLON BELT: Fits most swimmer sizes and can be worn on the hips or waist


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