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Special Offer to Sykes customers 15% off the GL Range

The Getaway Lodge series are specifically designed by Master Spas to set the needs of the holiday-let market. Our GL spas feature robust one-piece construction, simplified controls and a fast drain system as well as meeting HSG282 guidelines.

Made in the USA

GL 4 Price £4995 inc VAT RRP £6295 inc VAT

Made in the USA

GL 6 – Price £5495 inc VAT RRP £6495 inc VAT

Made in the USA

G2B – Price £5995 inc VAT RRP £6995 inc VAT

Designed for the UK holiday let market, the G2B features the exclusive DURA-SHIELD hard cover with built-in lifter. This super-robust cover replaces the standard foam cover that is particularly vulnerable in demanding, commercial settings. Say goodbye to breakages and heavy covers for your guests – 

(Including free delivery and standard installation, cover lifter, steps and chemical starter pack)

To enquire about ordering a Getaway GL or G2B spa for your Sykes Cottage please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

The Supa heater:

Heats 90% faster than a typical electric hot tub

  • Heats a 1000 litre hot tub for less than £2.50!
  • Offers 31KW of energy – will always heat fast, any time of year!

How does it work?

Essentially the Supa Heater is a specially developed, compact, mobile boiler and circulation pump. All you need is a plug socket and readily available propane gas.* It offers 2 distinct ways of heating.

  • Connect your hose directly and set your temperature. Instantly fill your empty hot tub with water up to 40 degrees!
  • Heat you existing cold water by placing Supa’s two hoses in the spa: the water will be circulated through Supa and heat from 20-40 degrees, in around 45 minutes!

*Gas, regulator and gas hose not provided.

Supa Heater – Introductory Price £695 Inc VAT

G12kw Air source heat pump

Heat pumps take the thermal energy from the air and use it to heat the water in the spa. They produce at least four times more energy in the form of heat than they consume in electricity cutting energy bills by up to 60%. In addition air source heat pumps heat the water very quickly getting the spa up to temperature within 4-5 hours so it’s ready for your next guest

(Includes free delivery and installation within 5 metres of your Master Spa hot tub)

£3,188 inc VAT RRP £3,750 inc VAT (15% DISCOUNT)