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Will a hot tub be more trouble than it’s worth?

Posted by Tom Smith

Will a hot tub be more trouble than it's worth?

Owning a hot tub provides you with lots of fun, they are perfect for those summer days in the back garden. However, they do come at a cost and they do require a strict cleaning regime, so today we’re answering the question – will a hot tub be more trouble than it’s worth?

Hot tubs are becoming more and more popular. The lockdown of the country due to the coronavirus pandemic led to a surge in hot tub sales, due to more people spending time at home enjoying the weather. We’re pretty sure their lockdown was significantly improved by their new hot tubs.

One reason that people sometimes consider a hot tub hard work is because of the water maintenance. When you first purchase your hot tub, you will have to check your bromine/chlorine, alkalinity, pH levels daily, but these are very easy to undertake. For example, you can get testing kits that test for all the chemicals you need in one go! Then, depending on the reading is what you do next, you may need to add certain chemicals to re-balance the water. When you first purchase your hot tub, your starter kit comes with everything you need to maintain the water effectively. We also have a water care video to help keep things as simple as possible. As time goes on and your hot tub is used more frequently you will start to perform less tests, as you will know what your hot tub needs.

Suffering from aches and pains, stress, injury or having trouble sleeping? Purchasing a hot tub might be able to help you with those. Some people have previously reported that using a hot tub regularly has improved their quality of life, whether that be through sleep, pain relief or stress relief. This is because the heat from the water in your hot tub allows the muscles in the body to relax, releasing tension, which enables you to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Many people think that cleaning a hot tub requires all the water to be removed frequently, but we actually only recommend completely emptying your hot tub around 4 times a year. This can be performed using a high quality submersible pump, so the job won’t you take very long! With a good quality filter and cover, you can easily reduce the amount of dirt in your water. You will need to clean the surfaces of your hot tub regularly with a clean damp microfibre cloth, this is done to keep the shell looking pristine.

Hot tubs are the perfect way to finish off your home. If you’ve been working hard on your garden, then what better way to give your garden the ultimate wow factor than to buy yourself a new hot tub? Your tub won’t take up too much room in your garden and while you’re relaxing you can admire all of your hard work.

The price of hot tubs varies by a significant amount, it’s not unusual to spend thousands on a hot tub, but that’s not to say that’s your only option. The price will be dependent on the features that you wish to include and you can still have fun in a tub with simple features. It is estimated that running a hot tub costs around £5 per week, this price will however increase if you purchase a low quality hot tub with a poor design and insulation. The price can also increase if you do not use a cover on your hot tub, because the tub has to work harder to retain the temperature of the water. So, if you ensure that you are buying a high quality, well manufactured hot tub, your running costs will actually be lower. So it will be a bigger outlay but cost you a lot less in the long run.

Like we said, hot tubs are a lot of fun, they are great for garden parties, spending time with your family, loved ones and friends, and they are a perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Everyone loves a hot tub, no matter what age they are! They have been proven to really improve your mental health too, if you set half an hour aside a few times a week to relax in your tub, you’ll be surprised how much that extra bit of ‘you’ time can make you feel.  

Caring for your hot tub is not as scary as it may sound, you only need to perform daily tests for a short while after installation and then your regime can be relaxed. Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round. There is nothing better than sat relaxing in your hot tub on a cold and crispy winters evening, so if you buy a hot tub now, you might not experience those January blues quite so much next year.

We say go for it and treat yourself, owning a hot tub is definitely worth it. We are here to help make owning a hot tub simple and easy. Contact a member of our friendly team for more information and to make your next life changing purchase.

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