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Introducing the Supa Heater.

Heat your hot tub faster, and for less. The Supa heater is revolutionising the holiday-let market where heating spa water, fast, between changeovers, is essential.

The Supa heater:

  • Heats 90% faster than a typical electric hot tub
  • Heats a 1000 litre hot tub for less than £2.50!
  • Offers 31KW of energy – will always heat fast, any time of year!

How does it work?

Essentially the Supa Heater is a specially developed, compact, mobile boiler and circulation pump. All you need is a plug socket and readily available propane gas.* It offers 2 distinct ways of heating.

  1. Connect your hose directly and set your temperature. Instantly fill your empty hot tub with water up to 40 degrees!
  2. Heat you existing cold water by placing Supa’s two hoses in the spa: the water will be circulated through Supa and heat from 20-40 degrees, in around 45 minutes!

Other advantages:

  • High quality; built to premium standards with a 24 month warranty
  • Quiet: Supa creates little noise
  • Mobile: use the same Supa Heater for multiple hot tubs
  • Reduce your energy costs by 70% or more
  • Save over 50% of CO2 emissions

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