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Swim Spas Suppliers

Master Spas are the world’s No.1 swim spa manufacturer – exclusively built in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in their state of the art swim spa factory. Master Spas are the only swim spa manufacturer in the world to operate their own dedicated swim spa factory, selling 3 times the number of swim spas worldwide, than other competitor. This world-class production facility – combined with the heritage built with decades of development with swimming athletes – gives Master Spas an unrivalled advantage. Choose between the H2X series and the range-topping Michael Phelps professional models for your perfect swim!


H2X swim spas from Master Spas allow you to exercise, relax and enjoy family time. The three distinct ranges offer everything from family fun and gentle exercise in the Therapool models – through the Trainer series’ improved flow for ambitious swimmers – all the way to the elite-level performance of the Challenger range.

Prices from £18,495 to £33,495

H2X swim spas are an investment in your health offering the chance to:

  • Swim, jog, walk exercise and more
  • Train for swimming in your own home
  • Enjoy massage therapy
  • Enjoy the support and weightlessness of water
  • Year-round use and easy to maintain
  • Swimming pool alternative installed in hours

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas

Train like a professional with propeller-driven technology – the widest, deepest and most adjustable swim current on the market. Michael Phelps models come in three sizes, the best-selling Force Deep – through the MP Signature with increased space – all the way to the dual zone Momentum. You don’t have to be Michael Phelps to train like him! A professional level experience in your own home is now available to everybody.

Prices from £38,495 to £46,995

  • The ultimate swim experience
  • 3 models to best suit your needs
  • Propeller-Driven for an unrivalled, airless, current
  • Incrementally adjustable