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SeaSucker Ipad/ Tablet Mount – Ipad not included


SeaSucker Ipad/ tablet mount

Note Ipad & case not included

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How It Works
SeaSucker is a vacuum-mount system that mounts to your Ipad or other tablet computer without any brackets. Two built-in mounting positions give you tremendous flexibility.

To Assemble
Attach each SeaSucker to the FlexArm by screwing the end of the FlexArm into either one of the two threaded holes on the SeaSucker. Do not overtighten.

To Attach
Make sure the back of your Ipad, the mounting surface and the bottom edge of the vacuum cups are clean. Press the vacuum cups to the back of the Ipad and the mounting surface, making full contact all the way around. Make sure the vacuum cup’s sealing edge do not overlap the Apple logo on your Ipad. Pump the plungers until the vacuum cups attach completely and the orage/white bands are hidden in the pumps’ cylinders.

To Disassemble

Twist the SeaSuckes to remove from the flex arm. If necessary, bend the Flex Arm the more leverage.

Note Ipad & case not included


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