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What are the benefits of cold tubs?

Posted by Tom Smith

benefits of cold tubs

Cold tubs are becoming more popular due to their incredible benefits. When you own your own ice bath, you can experience the benefits at any time of the day and even tailor your experience to meet your goals. In this blog, we’re telling you the benefits of cold tubs.

What is a cold tub?

A cold tub, or an ice bath, is similar to a hot tub but also very different. The casing is the same in that a cold tub can be hard shell or inflatable. However, in an ice bath, the water is very cold when compared to a hot tub.

Ice baths work in a similar way to plunge pools in that you should fully submerge your entire body into the water, leaving your head above the water. There are many benefits to adding this to your routine.

How does a cold tub work?

Cold tubs work by being set to a specific temperature, which is usually close to freezing. Most of the time, cold water pools are placed outside of a property, which can provide different benefits depending on the time of the year.

Some cold tubs can only be set to lower temperatures. However, our cold tubs can be set anywhere between 4 degrees and 40 degrees, so you can enjoy both hot and cold water immersion, depending on your goals.

Having this temperature range also means that you can gradually get used to submerging in lower temperatures rather than rushing into it. At first, it’s likely that you may find it quite challenging, but you will get used to it and experience the many benefits.

what is a cold tub

What are the benefits of cold tubs?

Muscle recovery

Cold tubs are a great way to speed up the recovery process after exercise. Cold water therapy can be particularly useful after an intense training session.

You might have heard of DOMS, a shortening of delayed onset muscle soreness, which usually occurs the day after exercise. This deliberate cold exposure can help to reduce the severity of the DOMS you experience by treating the body quickly.

Moreover, after you’ve finished your ice-cold water therapy, you can increase your tub’s water temperature and relax in the warm water too. Hot and cold water immersion can work wonders for sore muscles!

Inflammation support

Exercise or injury can cause the body to become sore and inflamed. Relaxing in water can help to reduce the aches and pains we feel. Both cold and warm water can help to reduce inflammation, but the best method is to combine the two. This means immersing in cold, then hot and alternating between the two. This may help to alleviate the pains caused by a range of conditions as the water temperature changes can alter the size of blood vessels and more.

Improved mood

Life can get very busy, so if there are habits you can introduce that help to boost your mental health, then they’re often a great idea!

By having your own cold tub, you may find that your mood is improved. Part of this comes from the idea that you are looking forward to using it, and it allows you to take a certain amount of time out of the day to relax and recover. Cold therapy can help to reduce stress hormones.

Given that many other people are turning to cold tubs, you can also find that it improves your social life as more people share tips and become interested in the benefits.

what are the benefits of cold tubs


Water immersion can help to increase circulation around the body. This can benefit you in many ways, such as increasing your overall health.

Circulation is a key part of your health as it can result in healthier organs and muscles in the body. This leads to increased blood flow and means that recovery can be easier for the body to achieve. You may also notice benefits to your central nervous system when using an ice bath.

Mental strength

Cold water therapy is a fantastic way to build mental strength. It’s all about the process of wanting to get out but sticking with it as you want to experience the benefits. As we mentioned earlier, using a cold water tub can be challenging initially, but as time passes, you will train your mind and body to stick with it and experience the health benefits.

How long should you spend in a cold water tub?

How long you should spend in an ice bath depends on your experience with them. Beginners will likely only want to stay in for a few minutes. However, as you become more comfortable with the process, you can spend longer periods of time in there. Taking ice baths often can definitely help you.

Many people find that between 15 and 20 minutes is a great time, but these are athletes who have been using cold water therapy for a long time. As a beginner, you should follow all guidance to avoid injury or emergencies when using ice baths. You will need to wait until your body adapts to lower the temperature of your cold bath.

As a beginner, you should also start with the water cool but not cold, this will help your body to get used to the changes. Pay attention to how you feel and your core body temperature when partaking in cold water immersion.

best cold tubs

The best cold tubs

We have a range of cold tubs available depending on your requirements.

Alpine Glacier

The Alpine Glacier has enough room for one guest with comfortable seating to leave you feeling at ease. The bath allows for continuous circulation to help reach all areas of the body. Ranging from 4 – 40 degrees, you can experience many benefits with this tub.

With high-quality manufacturing, this tub has been built to last. You can also benefit from a Wi-Fi module and stunning LED lighting to make relaxation that little bit better during cold water exposure.

Valaris Glacier

This double-sided tub is perfect for athletes and those wanting to experience all the benefits of cold water therapy. With two sides, you can swap between cold and warm water by simply stepping out and getting into the other side – it couldn’t be any quicker!

That’s not the only benefit of the Valaris Glacier. You’ll also benefit from 3 seats and 18 jets! These targeted jets can help to improve your spa experience even further. With a Wi-Fi module and LED lighting, this spa is perfect.

These are better options than cold showers as they can offer more relaxation and controlled cold temperatures.

We hope this blog has been useful regarding the benefits of cold tubs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions – we’re more than happy to help. Enjoy your first ice bath!

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