The best small hot tubs

Posted by Tom Smith

The best small hot tubs

Purchasing a hot tub is a big decision and given how many different features you can find on a typical model, you’ll want to make sure you find your perfect tub. A huge varying factor of a hot tub is the size of the model and for many individuals, the size alone is what helps them to choose the best tub. In this blog we’re telling you 4 of the best small hot tubs. 

Before purchasing your hot tub, you’ll need to do plenty of research and even if size is a huge factor for you, you should still look into other features that you may like to have in your tub. Remember that having a smaller hot tub doesn’t mean you have to miss out on other impressive features. 

GL 4 

The GL 4 is the perfect hot tub to fit in any space that you may have. It has 4 seats so it’s still a great size for all. This tub doesn’t compromise on features with 23 hydrotherapy jets and a hydrotherapy pump. It can brighten up your garden with its LED lights, which are capable of 8 different light sequences. 

Shop the GL4 hot tub here.

Legend 2 

If you’re still looking for a little more relaxation from your smaller hot tub, look no further. The Legend 2 has 2-3 seats as well as a lounger. This smaller tub has 28 hydrotherapy jets, a hydrotherapy pump, comfort pillows and LED lighting. This tub has an intuitive control panel, giving you easy access to everything you need to control the functions of your hot tub.

Shop the Legend 2 here.

TS 240

The TS 240 is a great choice for those with a small space. Due to its design, there’s a good chance it’ll fit anywhere. This tub offers full relaxation with 3 seats and 1 lounger, as well as 26 hydrotherapy jets and a Master Blaster. If you’re feeling stressed and your muscles are feeling tight, the TS 240 could be the one for you, it has jets specifically designed for relieving stress in the neck and shoulders. In addition to all that, this small hot tub features Cabinet Dream lighting™, which can make any space look incredible. 

Shop the TS 240 here.

LSX 700 

This model does not hold back, with 4-5 seats and 1 lounger, it’s a great place to relax without feeling restricted. This model features an incredible 62 hydrotherapy jets and a QuietFlow™ 24-Hour circulation pump. With LED lighting and Cabinet Dream lighting™, you can rest assured that the space you put this tub in will look fantastic, even in the dark. The LSX 700 provides ultimate relaxation with features such as the orbit jets and a StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat™. 

Shop the LSX 700 here.

All of these hot tubs are proudly built in America by Master Spas™ and have all been CEC™ Approved for Optimal Energy Efficiency. If you’d like any assistance with finding your perfect hot tub, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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