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What is hydrotherapy, and what are the benefits?

Posted by Tom Smith

what is hydrotherapy and what are the benefits

Hydrotherapy is a great way to calm the mind and leave the body feeling relaxed, and there are many other benefits too. In this blog, we’re answering the question, what is a hydrotherapy pool, and what are the benefits?

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy can often also be referred to as aquatic therapy. Unlike some other water therapies, hydrotherapy should be completed in a warm pool. Warm water helps you to relax and can help to relieve aches and muscle pain in the body.

In a hydrotherapy pool, the water should be set to between 33°C and 36°C. Some people’s body temperature may need to be monitored when using the hydrotherapy pool.

When in water, you become much more buoyant, and 75% of your weight is supported by the water itself. This helps to relieve pressure on the joints and allows you to move more easily.

what is hydrotherapy used for

What is hydrotherapy used for?

Hydrotherapy can be used by anyone; however, it is particularly useful for those with disabilities. Those with disabilities can often struggle to complete exercises for many reasons, but a therapy pool can make exercise much more accessible.

Hydrotherapy exercises can be extremely helpful to those recovering from surgeries or procedures, such as joint replacements. Those dealing with long-term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia syndrome may also benefit from hydrotherapy techniques. Most exercises given to improve strength after surgery can be performed inside the hydrotherapy pool, alleviating pain and pressure on your body.

A hydrotherapy pool can be used to complete a variety of exercises, such as jogging, swimming and stretching. Smart technology in the pool uses a current to allow you to perform these exercises on the spot. This means you’ll experience the many benefits of moving your body without worrying about excessive joint pressure.

There are many types of hydrotherapy pools to choose from. The pools may vary in length, height and have different features so that you can select the perfect pool for your needs.

These pools are very different to a typical swimming pool, as they offer many features to make the exercise experience more enjoyable. These can include easy access steps, anti-slip flooring, grab handles around the pool, controllable water temperature, and external steps. Hoists can also be included with the hydrotherapy pool if they are required.

benefits of hydrotherapy

What are the health benefits of hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy pools can be used by everyone

Hydrotherapy pools give everybody a chance to enjoy aquatic exercise. When performing exercises such as swimming and jogging on the spot, the current strength can be altered to suit your personal needs. This means the hydrotherapy pools can be suitable for physical activity for beginners and athletes.

Pool therapy strengthens muscles

There are many exercises that can be performed inside the hydrotherapy pool. Muscle strengthening exercises, such as hip extensions, can be more effective when performed in water. This is because the joint has reduced pressure, but you’re still using the resistance of the water to complete the exercise in the warm water pool.

A combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises should be completed to maintain holistic body strength – a hydrotherapy session allows you to achieve that.

Provides mental benefits

Aside from providing you with excellent physical benefits, therapy pools can also help to improve your mental health too. It’s no secret that exercising helps to improve your mood due to an increase in feel-good hormones.

These pools can also be used as a place to relax, meaning you can leave the spa feeling good and more calm. Additionally, using these spas can help people to feel more confident about building their strength back up. Increased confidence is a great way to improve the way you feel about yourself.

what is hydrotherapy

Improves sleep

Spas have been scientifically proven to improve sleep for many people. The increased feelings of relaxation can help you to sleep for longer and increase your sleep quality. Regular exercise has been proven to support this too. Read more about how hot tubs improve sleep.

Hydrotherapy pools increase blood flow

Being in warm water allows your blood to flow more easily due to your blood vessels expanding. Increased blood flow can help to heal injured tissues in the body and aid the recovery of muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy treatments can also lower blood pressure in some people.

How often do you need to use the pool to benefit?

If you’re using water therapy to improve your mobility and strength after surgery or you have a disability, it’s best to ask health professionals how often you should use the pool. They may provide you with a hydrotherapy treatment program containing special exercises to help reduce muscle soreness.

Most people will use the pool around three times per week for 30 minutes to an hour. This gives you time to complete a range of aquatic exercises and allows the pool to act as a natural pain reliever.

what is a hydrotherapy pool

We hope this article has been useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help.

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