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What are the benefits of spending time with family in a hot tub?

Posted by Tom Smith

benefits of spending time with family in a hot tub

There are so many fantastic benefits of owning a hot tub. In this blog, we’re looking into the benefits of spending time with family in a hot tub.

Spending time with family is so important and has many of its own benefits. Sometimes, when life gets a bit crazy, finding time to relax with loved ones can be tricky. Funnily enough, these are usually the times when we need it most!

Spend quality time with your partner

A hot tub is the perfect location for a relaxing date night. Picture yourself enjoying a drink of something you like, relaxing while enjoying the nighttime sky. That’s definitely a great way to relax. Check out our wide range of drinkware options.

Having a hot tub there whenever you want to use it is great as it allows you to relax instantly. Hot tubs take you away from the stresses of day-to-day life and allow you to focus on yourselves and not other things – it’s the perfect distraction-free environment. This can help you to have a more positive perspective on things that may have previously made you feel stressed.

Taking even just 20 minutes out of your day to relax in your home hot tub can have fantastic benefits. You can experience better sleep, reduced aches and pains, and better cardiovascular health. All of this combined can also help you to reduce stress.

Another huge benefit that is often overlooked with a hot tub is the social benefit. Socialising and being around people who mean a lot to us can have a great impact on mental well-being.

quality time with family

Spend quality time with the whole family

Hot tubs can be great for the entire family to enjoy. If you think you might need a little more room, then you might want to look into swim spas. Swim spas offer the best of both worlds, as you can relax through a warm soak and exercise in the same space. This is a great way to have quality family time.

Having the ability to exercise is another great reason many families indulge in this luxury. Whether you’re planning aqua aerobic sessions or jogging in water, there are so many options. Swim spas are built with innovative technology that allows you to swim on the spot against a current. The strength of the current can be altered to meet your needs, making it perfect for beginners and even elite athletes! Many successful athletes use swim spas and hot tubs for training and recovery.

Getting the whole family together can often be tricky, as everyone’s busy and has things going on. With a hot tub, you can set aside time to spend time together. This time is perfect for asking about how everyone’s day has been or asking about other life events.

Who can use a hot tub?

Being in a hot tub is extremely relaxing, and they aren’t just meant to be for adults. You should always ensure children are accompanied by an adult. It is also recommended that children under five do not use hot tubs. This is partially due to the risk of overheating. Children over five should not use a hot tub for a prolonged period of time and should always be accompanied by an adult.

Older children can experience many benefits from a relaxing soak, such as building self-esteem, reducing accumulated stress, and improving mental health. A hot tub can help teens relax, and quality time can make teens more likely to open up about daily life.

The best part? You don’t just need to sit around chatting about your day, you could even play a game! We have a whole range of fantastic games for all family members to enjoy in the home spa.

All of these games have been adapted so they are suitable for use in your hot tub, whether that’s by making them waterproof or even making them float. You’ll have hours of fun playing family games in a hot tub. This will help you to improve family relationships and create great memories.

family hot tub games

How to find the perfect hot tub for your family

You’ll want to do plenty of research when choosing the perfect hot tub for your family. There are many hot tub features that you need to consider, for example number of seats, jets and even the colour of your hot tub shell.

We recommend looking at what’s most important to you and then starting to narrow down your list like that. You will likely have set aside a budget for your new hot tub, and it’s important that you try to stick to it. Being able to spend quality time with your family in a hot tub will be great. It means that the whole family will experience all the benefits of restful sleep, reduced muscle aches, more thoughtful conversations, and simply enjoying others’ company.

What’s included in the price?

When buying a hot tub, make sure that you find out what else is included in the price. For example, a warranty and hot tub delivery. Hot tub deliveries need to be carefully planned and may require specialist equipment. This is why ensuring delivery is included in your hot tub price is so important. Without this being included, you may spend a lot more money.

Don’t forget that you may have payment options. We offer hot tub finance, where you can pay 0% interest for a period of time. Speak to one of our showroom team for more information on financing options.

Running costs of your family spa

You’ll also need to consider how much it will cost to run the hot tub. We can provide you with estimates for your hot tub’s running costs. Hot tub insulation is very important for keeping running costs low. Our Master Spas™ range uses high-quality Icynene foam insulation, which helps to eliminate cold spots and helps the spa to retain heat. Read our blog on energy efficiency tips.

family spa running costs

Choosing a reputable supplier

You should always research the hot tub companies available before purchasing. This may include reading reviews and visiting their website. It’s a good idea to find a nationwide or local hot tub company. That way, if there are any problems, you can easily reach out to them to help you.

It’s usually not a good idea to choose the cheapest hot tub company, as they usually don’t include things like delivery or aftercare support. Our friendly team will continue to support you even after purchasing. You’ll receive all hot tub instructions upon delivery and then can contact us if you need further support. We’re always happy to help.

We hope this blog has been useful on the benefits of spending time with family in a hot tub. There are so many physical health and wellness benefits. Don’t hesitate to contact us for support with choosing your new hot tub.

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