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Hot Tub Running Costs: What to expect

Posted by Tom Smith

Hot tub running costs

Before purchasing your hot tub or swim spa, it’s a good idea to conduct research into how much it’ll cost you in the long term. It’s important to ensure that you’re prepared to factor your new, luxurious hot tub into your monthly spending costs. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about hot tub running costs.

Are hot tubs expensive to run?

Hot tubs and swim spas have recently become much more energy efficient, meaning they generally cost less to run. When purchasing your hot tub or swim spa, your sales advisor can give you some tips on keeping your monthly running costs as low as possible.

A well-designed and manufactured hot tub with good-quality filters and a well-insulated cover is estimated to increase your monthly electricity bills by around just £25 – £60. In comparison, a poorly designed hot tub with minimal insulation and poor filters will cost you much more than this.

This can have a big impact on your spending. It’s definitely worth paying a little more for a quality hot tub with lower running costs than buying a cheap hot tub that costs you more to run. You will save money in the long run by purchasing a quality spa that uses less energy.

Hot tubs are made for you to enjoy, so your hot tub running costs shouldn’t take away from you relaxing inside your hot tub.

How much will my hot tub cost to run?

It’s difficult to predict exactly how much your hot tub will cost to run. If you’ve found a model you like and want to know more details on running costs, get in touch with us. Our expert staff will happily provide some estimated costs for the hot tub in question.

Your costs won’t just depend on your usage, so it’s difficult to predict prices. Some additional factors for hot tub costs can include the following.

Relaxing in a hot tub like our Legend 7.

Price of energy

The current energy tariffs in your local area will affect how much it costs to run your hot tub. However, this doesn’t mean you need to expect high prices. High-quality hot tubs don’t tend to use too much electricity.

Some hot tub owners prefer to leave their hot tub on standby and have a consistent water temperature to reduce energy costs. This can sometimes be more effective than heating it each time you want to use it. Our expert team can offer advice on this and provide tips on how you can be more energy efficient with your spa.


Your local climate will determine the speed that it takes to heat the water in your hot tub. You should use your hot tub cover year-round, but it’s even more important in the winter months. The cover can help the spa water remain a little warmer in winter. This means you won’t need to worry as much about high hot tub heating costs.

Hot tub insulation

Your hot tub will need to be well insulated to retain its heat. All our hot tubs use full foam insulation. These high-quality insulation materials add to the structure of the hot tubs, remove cold spots and make them usable all year round.

Many cheaper alternatives do not use good quality insulation. This can cause your hot tub running costs to increase and even affect your spa’s longevity.

The size of your hot tub

The bigger the hot tub, the more water your hot tub holds, which means the longer your hot tub needs to heat water. You don’t need to worry about this, as bigger hot tubs are generally built with more features to accommodate this.

A well-made and insulated cover

You should ensure that your hot tub’s cover is well insulated, is made using high-quality materials and fits properly to retain as much heat as possible. All of our Master Spas™ hot tubs come with a fully insulated cover included in the price. The extra insulation of a cover can help to keep your tub at the desired temperature.

You should check your hot tub cover regularly to ensure that it is in good condition. Rips in the hot tub cover can cause the running costs to increase.

You should consider these things before purchasing your new hot tub. The overall cost won’t be a huge amount more than you already pay, so don’t let these factors scare you off. Owning a hot tub opens the door to so many benefits, and having a hot tub is definitely worth it.

When shopping for a hot tub, the cost to run is always a factor. Look for a hot tub with fully foam insulation and quality construction like our LSX 900.

Hot Tub Energy Consumption

Your hot tub’s energy consumption will also depend on a range of factors, such as:

Hot tub usage

The more that you use your hot tub, the more energy it will need to remain heated. This is the reason why many people choose to leave the hot tub running at a steady temperature rather than turning it on each time they want to use it. The costs should not affect your hot tub use, you should be free to enjoy the spa whenever you like.

Water replacement

Upon purchase, you will be advised how often to replace the water in your hot tub. Following the water replacement, you will need to reheat the water, so you should expect your costs to be slightly higher on your next electricity bill.

Many people assume that they will need to empty and refill their hot tub very often. This is not the case; you will only need to conduct a deep clean of your hot tub around four times per year. You should clean your hot tub’s shell and wipe the waterline often to keep your hot tub looking clean.

After each deep clean, you will need to test the water using testing strips. Our handy testing strips provide an indication of the optimum level of each chemical. This makes water balancing much easier.

Hot tub filters

Purchasing good quality filters and chemicals for your hot tub will help it to run efficiently. This means there will be fewer water changes as the quality of water will last longer. You should check and rinse the filter regularly to ensure it is in good working condition. If you notice any breakages, you should replace the filter.

What is the monthly cost of running a hot tub?

Many people wonder, ‘how much does it cost to run a spa?’. It completely depends on the spa you choose. Some of our smaller spas cost just 86p per day. Some of our bigger, more advanced spas cost around the £2 per day mark. This means you can expect to pay an extra £60 per month to run a hot tub. Some of our smaller hot tubs may cost even less. This is an excellent price for having a hot tub there whenever you fancy a little more relaxation.

Our hot tubs comply with the Californian Energy Commission (CEC). This is a very stringent regulator that ensures products are energy efficient.

A good quality, well insulated cover will help to bring your running costs down.

Which is the cheapest hot tub to run?

While smaller hot tubs may be slightly cheaper to run, there isn’t much between the two options when it comes to hot tub running costs. We understand that pricing is often a significant factor to consider, and we’re always happy to offer advice.

We also offer financing options, which you can view on each hot tub page on our website.

How can you reduce hot tub energy usage?

Air source heat pumps can be incredibly efficient at reducing how much electricity your tub requires, therefore saving you money on your energy bills. Find out more about using a heat pump to save energy. Read our blog on: should I get a hot tub heat pump?

We hope this article has been useful on hot tub running costs. If you’d like any assistance when purchasing a new hot tub or advice on improving your energy efficiency, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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