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Is it bad to go in a hot tub in cold weather?

Posted by Tom Smith

Is it bad to go in a hot tub in cold weather

There’s nothing quite like having your own hot tub to dip into whenever you like. Hot tubs can provide so many incredible benefits for your body and mind. In this article, we’re answering the question, is it bad to go in a hot tub in cold weather?

Everyone’s got a favourite time to enjoy their hot tub. For some people, that might be early in the morning, and for others, late at night. Some love soaking up the sun in the summer months, while others prefer warming up in the spa in winter. Many others will enjoy relaxing in their hot tub any time of year.

Is it bad to go in a hot tub in cold weather?

There’s no time of year when it’s bad to use your hot tub. One of the best things about having a hard-shell hot tub is that it can be used all year round. Our range of Master Spas™ hot tubs are made using the highest quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. This means that you can be confident that your hot tub can withstand the cold weather.

Using a hot tub in winter is similar to using one in summer. The main difference is likely to be the temperature. In the winter, you may be tempted to increase the heat by a few more degrees.

Increasing the temperature a little is fine, but you should avoid going above 40 degrees Celsius. Additionally, it might be a good idea to set the hot tub’s water temperature a little higher when you’re not using the hot tub. This reduces the risk of the water and pipes freezing in cold temperatures, which can cause damage to your spa.

Some people ask, should I empty my hot tub in winter? The choice is yours, and there are some scenarios where it may work out better for you. These include if you’re away during the winter months or if you know you won’t be using the spa.

empty hot tub in winter

Before turning the spa off, you must ensure that you properly drain all water from the base and the pipes. Frozen pipes could cause some hot tub damage, which is not something you want to have to deal with.

If you’re around during winter, you never know when you might want to have a relaxing dip, so we’d recommend leaving the spa at a decent temperature. This means your spa can be ready to use whenever you fancy and helps to prevent water freezing. Find out how much it costs to run your spa in winter.

What are the benefits of using a hot tub in winter?


Life can be stressful, so if there’s ever a way that you can reduce that stress, we say go for it! One of the biggest benefits of owning a hot tub is that it can really help you to relax. Feeling more relaxed benefits you in many ways. Some cold weather hydrotherapy can help you to sleep better and feel less worried.

Mood boosting

Feeling more relaxed and getting better sleep can definitely help you to feel more positive. Picture yourself getting home after a long day at work and heading straight to your hot tub for a relaxing dip. You also don’t need to sit for hours to feel the benefits. Using your hot tub regularly can help to improve your mood.

Alleviate cold symptoms

It’s pretty common to get the sniffles in winter, much to our dislike! You can spend a week sniffing and blowing your nose constantly. But what if there was a way of relaxing and almost forgetting about your winter cold? Well, there is, you could use a hot tub!

The heat and steam from your hot tub water can help to clear out your sinuses and leave you breathing easier after some soak time. You could even treat yourself to one of our spa-safe aromatherapy packs. There’s a huge range available on our website, and they’re sure to provide you with a little extra relaxation.

Spa aromatherapy

Enjoy the outdoor space in the winter months AND stay warm!

There’s a lot to be said for heading outdoors; being with nature can definitely help you to feel more relaxed. A garden is often a place where many people put a lot of effort in; therefore, owning a hot tub allows you to relax in comfort with a beautiful view. Not many people would want to sit outdoors during winter time, but with a hot tub to keep you warm, what’s not to like?

Reduce aching muscles

In colder weather, it’s common to experience more joint aches, which can lead to stiff limbs. Using your hot tub in the winter months can help to reduce these aches due to the water temperature. You may even find it relaxing to position yourself near an air blower and experience a nice massage.

All of our hot tubs are energy efficient. The Master Spas™ range uses Icynene Foam insulation to reach all areas of the spa. The foam used means that cold spots are eliminated, and you can be confident that your spa is retaining heat. It’s important to consider insulation, as poor insulation could lead to increased energy bills.

Our spas also come with a fully insulated cover. These hot tub covers are specific to each model to ensure maximum heat retention. You should check your hot tub cover regularly to ensure that it is free from cuts or splits in the materials. This can inhibit the cover’s ability to work to its full potential. It’s even more important to use a good hot tub cover in winter as it can help to reduce the amount of debris that ends up in your hot tub water.

quality spa cover

When using your hot tub, it’s important to remain safe. This means you should stay hydrated and ensure that soak times are not too long. You should also be aware of your body temperature. Take a break from your hot tub if you notice yourself getting too hot.

All of our high-quality spas come with a cover, lifter, steps, water care kit, Nationwide delivery and installation. Our friendly team are happy to offer advice on hot tub running costs and answer any other questions you may have.

We hope this article has been useful on whether you can use your spa in the winter. With good care and maintenance, your hot tub should be ready for use all year round! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Happy winter hot tubbing!

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