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Should I get a hot tub for my holiday home?

Posted by Tom Smith

Should I get a hot tub for my holiday home

Are you a holiday homeowner looking to make some extra money? Hot tubs are a great way to make more money with little effort on your part. In this blog, we’re answering the question – should I get a hot tub for my holiday home?

Whether you’ve owned a holiday home for years or are considering buying one, it’s a good idea to consider other features too. After all, every extra feature you can offer guests can make you more money.

Hot tubs are an extremely popular addition due to their easy maintenance and ability to add luxury to your guest’s stay. Our hot tubs are manufactured by Master Spas™, who use high-quality insulation, keeping running costs low too.

What are the benefits of hot tubs for holiday homes?

Increased income

One of the main benefits of having a hot tub for your holiday home is that you can charge more per booking. Hot tubs are a luxury item, so their price can reflect that. Many people would be willing to pay a significant amount more to book somewhere with a hot tub included. Many users search for ‘hot tub breaks’ or ‘cottages with hot tubs’ when searching for a place to stay.

Hot tubs increase bookings

People are definitely looking for a little extra luxury for their staycations. Many people are still choosing not to travel abroad due to financial pressure. Staycations are still popular due to offering a cheaper holiday away from home. If you can provide families with more luxurious features, then you’re sure to receive more bookings.

Increase guest satisfaction

There are many benefits to having a hot tub experience. Being in a hot tub reduces muscle soreness, improves sleep and contributes to stress relief. Hot tubs can also help to reduce blood sugar. These health benefits would be more significant with long-term hot tub use; however, even the odd soak can make you feel calmer and refreshed.

Increasing customer satisfaction means that you can also increase customer loyalty. This means guests may look to visit again. Extra features can encourage guests to leave positive reviews of your business. This can attract guests who haven’t previously stayed at one of your holiday lets before.

Bookings all year round – even in the colder months!

Hot tubs aren’t just a summer treat; they can be enjoyed all year round. With a hot tub at your holiday home, you could see as many winter bookings as you do in the summer. Many people prefer a winter break with a hot tub, as they enjoy relaxing in the warm bubbles as the frost appears around them.

hot tub holiday home

HSG282 Compliant hot tubs

To purchase a hot tub for your holiday home, you must ensure that it complies with HSG282 regulations. Your hot tub supplier should be able to help you with this.

These regulations differ based on the way you plan to use your hot tub. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should look at the regulations in detail to ensure that you can comply with them.

The regulations stipulate how to make the hot tub safe for guests and maintain the spa at a rental property. As the holiday home owner, you are responsible for hot tub care and taking the appropriate measures to keep guests safe.

Browse our HSG282 Compliant hot tubs.

Hot tub maintenance for a holiday home

If you’re planning on buying a hot tub for your holiday home, you need to ensure that you have the correct steps in place to maintain it. You’ll need to make sure it’s clean and has the correct balance of chemicals to ensure guest safety when using the hot tub.

There are several aspects that must be checked and recorded by you regularly, including:

Daily tasks:

  • Check water quality and clarity (check morning and afternoon)
  • Test pH level (check morning and afternoon and adjust if necessary)
  • Clean the waterline where dirt can gather
  • Check that the spa is working correctly

Weekly tasks:

  • Empty and clean the spa
  • Clean the filters – it may be useful to have spare filters so these can be used in a cycle.
  • Clean the external surfaces of the spa
  • Check and clean strainers and jets

Monthly tasks:

  • Clean hoses and air filter
  • Laboratory water testing for various bacteria

Visit our shop for all your cleaning equipment.

Additionally, you will need to complete a full risk assessment for the hot tub. The assessment allows you to identify hot tub risks and apply health and safety regulations. You must provide holiday home guests with all the relevant safety information so they can use the hot tub. You may also choose to advise guests of any hot tub rules you have for your holiday property, such as the maximum number of guests using the spa at one time.

Each task must be completed regularly, and the results should be recorded. Some holiday let owners live far away from their property; however, this doesn’t need to be a problem. Instead, many owners employ a contractor or hot tub maintenance company to take care of these extra tasks.

While managing hot tubs might sound like a lot to do right now, it’s actually only a small amount of work. This amazing addition of a hot tub could lead to an impressive income increase for you.

Which hot tubs are energy efficient?

All of our Master Spas™ hot tubs and swim spas for sale are made using the highest quality materials to ensure longevity. In addition, they use full-foam insulation, which eliminates cold spots and helps to keep your water temperature consistent.

Want to know more about hot tub running costs? Find your ideal holiday let spa on our website, and you can see our estimated running costs based on the current energy prices in the UK.

All of our HSG282-compliant hot tubs are comfortable and easy to use. Additionally, all of our hot tubs are checked against strict energy efficiency regulations set out by the CEC™. Want to know more about how much it costs to run a hot tub in winter?

Should I get a hot tub for my holiday home?

We say go for it if you’re debating whether to get a hot tub for your holiday home! Hot tubs are generally a low-maintenance way to make an extra income on your holiday let. Installing a hot tub gives you a competitive edge and will likely increase bookings and leave you with happy guests.

We’re always happy to offer guidance and support on hot tub purchases. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding HSG282 compliance. We can support you with commercial or domestic hot tub purchases.

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